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    Chinese Government To Support Nigeria’s Drive To Make Made In Nigeria Products Exportable

    The Chinese government says it would support Nigeria’s drive to make made in Nigeria products an exportable brand.
    Chinese ambassador to Nigeria thou Pingjian said this as his country marked its national day which coincided with Nigeria’s independence anniversary.
    As Nigeria’s tax revenue from oil continues to fall and the country gradually recovers from recession, agriculture and made in Nigeria products have began receiving a boost around the country.
    Fares to showcase locally made products are common features now in the country. This new drive has not gone unnoticed by one of the world’s biggest industrial nation.
    The people’s republic of china’s ambassador thou Pingjian used the occasion of his country’s national day celebration in Abuja to speak on the made in Nigeria brand and what his country can do.
    The china chamber of commerce which has established businesses in different regions of the country has also indicated interest.
    China has one of the biggest markets across Africa with a large chunk of this market concentrated in Nigeria

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