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    Significance Of Nigeria’s National Symbols

    As Nigeria’s 2017 independence day celebration winds down, Nigerians in the federal capital territory are tasking all the relevant authorities to educate the citizens on national symbols.
    Those who spoke with AIT, say enlightenment on what constitute abuse of the national symbols should precede stiffer penalties for those who abuse them.
    The Nigerian national anthem is one of the national symbols. Others include the national flag, the constitution, the currency and the coat of arms.
    The abuse of these symbols is common as many consistently ignore the basic etiquette of observing them.
    For some Nigerians there should be stiffer penalties for those who disregard and abuse the national symbols.
    But the director general of the national orientation Agency Garba Abari says moves are on to renew the penalties against those who abuse the national symbols.
    Many say more needs to be done for citizens to respect these symbols, which should ordinarily serve as a reminder for the citizens to be patriotic.

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