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    Billionaire Son Paddy Adenuga, Says At 29 And Without Family’s Help, He Almost Bought Chevron Oil And Gas Company

    Nigerian billionaire son,
    Paddy Adenuga, who has been making headlines lately is back again and this time he is claiming that at 29 and without his family’s help, he almost bought Chevron Oil and Gas company in the Netherlands.
    Paddy Adenuga who once wrote that he can’t date a lady who wigs and lace fronts tweeted;
    ‘Working on a write up to post on my twitter and my Instagram on when i was 29 and entered a bid to buy Chevron’s entire oil & gas business in the Netherlands – on my own with no help from my family i came so close to winning but hope i can pass on some wisdom from my failure’
    Here’s a screenshot of Paddy Adenuga’s tweet;

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