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    Only People of Low Intelligence are against Establishment of Cattle Colonies – Yahaya Bello

    Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has described critics of the proposed Cattle Colonies by the Federal Government as ignorant and people with low intelligence that could not see the economic gains attached to it. The governor was speaking yesterday at the state’s Agricultural Expo as part of the activities marking his second year anniversary.
    Recall that Southwest elders and some elders in the Southeast have dissociated themselves from the proposed cattle colony.
    He said the criticism that had greeted the proposal arose from lack of intellectual capacity to realise that the Cattle colonies apart from ensuring increase in meat production will also increase the internally generated revenue of the state.
    Bello said: “The meat from the Cattle will be an important source of protein and the taxes they will pay will boost the IGR in the state.” The governor, who allayed the fear of communities who believed that the Fulani were out to take over their land, said they were purely out to engage in business.He said: “Kogi State have the culture of tolerance, we are accommodating people, we have people of different ethnic background, we have been living peacefully with the Igbos and Hausas, we have been tolerating our Nupe brothers, why can’t we tolerate our Fulani brothers.”
    The Igala leaders and various groups within Kogi East and Kogi west has strongly condemned cattle colony, prominent among those that has condemned colony are Senator Attai Aidoko, Senator DINO MELAIYE, Representatives Emmanuel Egwu and others.

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