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    UNHCR, Benue Govt To Provide Immediate Intervention To Cameroonian Refugees

    The United Nation High Commission for Refugees and the Benue state government  have assured the over 10,000 Anglophone Cameroonian refugees forces to flee their country because of the ongoing military crackdown, of a better camp welfare.
    The UNHCR country representation, Mr Antonio Jose Canhandula,  gave the assurance of immediate intervention from the international community when the Benue State emergence management agency led him to assess the conditions of the refugees.
    One of the refugees, Osar Ferdinand, stated that the discomfort being experienced in the hands of the Cameroonian government, all in the struggle for equitable distribution of resources and their pitiable conditions at the Abande Refugee Camp in Benue state.
    They appealed for help in the areas of food, bedding and medical services.
    The UNHCR country representative has assured the refugees of immediate assistance before the end of January.
    This particular case of Anglophone Refugees who have other camps in Cross River State in Nigerian and the ongoing herdsmen killing in the country, further underscore the need for the United Nation to urgently step in to help Nigerian and Cameron.

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